Social Justice Masters Program

From the Lakehead University Website about the Program;

The MA Social Justice Studies is an innovative, interdisciplinary program. The program allows students to pursue a 4 FCE course based degree or, with the approval of the Social Justice Studies Committee, complete a practicum, a creative project, or a research project in lieu of the final 1 FCE of coursework. The program prepares students to work, research and advocate towards a more socially just society which values equality, solidarity and human rights and recognizes the citizenship of each human being.

The program has three streams: an MA in Social Justice Studies, a Specialization in Social Justice Studies, and an MA in Social Justice Studies with a Specialization in Women's Studies. Within the MA they may choose the course stream, a research project stream, a creative project stream, or a practicum stream.

Students begin the MA program by taking one half-credit course in social justice theory and one half-credit course in research methods. Those enrolled in the coursework stream will choose a further six half-credit courses from the approved Social Justice Studies course list. Students enrolled in the research project stream, creative project stream and practicum stream will choose four further half-credit courses from the approved list. Project students will then produce a 40-50 page research project to replace one FCE. Creative project students will produce the project and an artist/project statement of approximately 20 pages which will replace one FCE of coursework. Practicum stream students will complete a 200 hour practicum with an approved social justice agency or non-profit organization and write a 20 page report detailing their work.

Students enrolled in the Specialization in Social Justice Studies will be required to complete one half-course credit in social justice theory, and one half-course credit in social justice-based research methods in lieu of 1.0 FCE elective in their home unit. The remainder of their courses will be completed according to the requirements of their home discipline/unit, with at least one piece of work that reflects social justice theory and methods. Students completing an MA in Social Justice Studies with a Specialization in Women's Studies will take WOME 5101 in lieu of the .5 FCE Social Justice Research Methods course and one .5 elective. Additionally 1.0 of their 3.0 FCE Social Justice electives must have women's studies focus.

Students doing a project or creative work when completing an MA in Social Justice Studies with a Specialization in Women's Studies will take WOME 5101 and the major research paper/project must incorporate feminist scholarship. The proposed topic must be approved by representatives of both Social Justice Studies and the Women's Studies Graduate Committee. The student must also be supervised by a Women's Studies approved member of the Social Justice Studies faculty.

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