First and foremost, my family and friends:

  • Ray, Elkin and Esper, my beautiful loves, my biggest supporters and my best distractions.

  • My Momma, my inspiration, motivator and ultimate believer. 

  • My Dad, who would have loved seeing me do my masters.

  • Jenna, my editor, counsellor, bestie and model extraordinaire.

  • Vicki, my creative inspirer, tea date haver and bestie.  

  • All my other family and friends, who are my biggest supporters and who add so much to my life. You know who you are.


Social Justice Studies Department and Faculty:

  • All of my professors that  I mentioned under my classes.

  • The program coordinator, Dr. Kristin Burnett, who supported me and helped me shape this degree into what I needed it to be.

  • Dr. Pauline Sameshima, my creative project supervisor, my RA supervisor and incredibly inspirational artist and educator. Click picture for link to her website.

  • Dr. Jennifer Chisholm, my GA supervisor, my creative project second reader and constant positive support. 

  • Birthing Equity Research Group (as featured on this website).


My Community:

  • David, Lora and Renee from Definitely Superior Art Gallery. Click on picture for their website link.

  • The many photographers that captured my work at Derelicte and Urban Infill (see photos)

  • Sarah McPherson, the multi-talented photographer who captured both of my wearable art pieces in two shoots. Click on picture for website.



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